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Helping women thrive on their path to reentry. Every step of the way.

SELF! is a woman-led, non-profit organization focused on healing and empowering re-entering women in the Lehigh Valley. Inclusive and welcoming, we work to help all women flourish, no matter the circumstance.

Our clients get the tools necessary for the achievement of a successful and sustainable quality of life, including certified peer support specialists, mentoring, assistance navigating the complexities of parole compliance to reduce recidivism, job readiness training, resume building, computer skills training, life coaching, and more.

SELF! provides vital programs and services for women re-entering the community after incarceration and other traumatic circumstances. SELF!'s objective is to coach women in achieving and maintaining a safe and productive lifestyle, contribute to their communities economically, and cultivate a mindset that allows for all women to flourish as they continue to become their true SELF.



Luna's tenacity, dedication and humble spirit has led her to overcome huge adversity. Her vision of a bright future prevailed over the trials of her past, which included spending 10 years in prison. With such a record attached to her name, employment opportunities were scarce, and she experienced frequent terminations, humiliations, and discrimination. But, as a single, BIPOC mother, giving up was not an option. 


One employer provided a road map for Luna to work her way to the top. She was placed in a management role and worked tirelessly to make sure she took full advantage of the opportunity.

Such lessons inspired her to start a non-profit corporation called SELF!, a comprehensive program for women coming home from prison. One of its elements is to coach the individual to effectively integrate into society by becoming a viable member of their community.


Luna is the successful outcome of the program, proving the impossible is possible. She has redefined the term "re-entry" by being the example of completing the journey of SELF!

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