We coach re-entering women in achieving and maintaining a safe and productive lifestyle, empowering them to contribute to their communities and flourish as they continue to become their true SELF! 


We'll be by your side every step of the way! Our life coaches meet with each client monthly, and are also available as needed. Coaches maintain low caseloads, and our supervision and services are available on weekdays, evenings and weekends to meet the needs of our clients.

Individualized Case Management

All SELF! program participants are assigned a life coach who works with each participant to identify their individual priorities and requirements. The result is a comprehensive, personalized plan detailing what needs to be done, who needs to be involved, and the necessary time needed for completion. Special attention is paid to issues related to family, education, employment, counseling, housing, and other social networks.

Certified Peer Support Specialists

SELF! Certified Peer Support Specialists are the backbone of our program. Our specialists provide one-on-one support that only someone who has experienced similar struggles can give. This means our clients get the compassion, understanding and assistance they most need.

Crisis Intervention

Women have very unique struggles that must be addressed many times without notice. SELF! Along with a collective of local non-profits provides immediate intervention to women in crisis. This crisis can be anything from a fire, eviction, or fleeing a domestic abusive relationship. Being able to provide immediate shelter, clothing, and food allows these women to be safe and plan their next course of action.

Parole Compliance

Many clients reentering society have stipulations from the parole board and navigating the process and procedures can be difficult. SELF! provides the resources needed for our clients to be able to comply with the terms of their parole, helping them successfully meet all their legal obligations and reduce recidivism.

"I want to give a huge shout out to  SELF! for blessing my family with all the essential things and clothing my kids and I need in this difficult time!! These wonderful ladies have done more than enough for my little family in just a matter of days than most would!! Always checking up on my kids and myself and reassuring us that things will fall into place and better things will come!!! Appreciate these ladies and this organization so much, God bless them!! " ~ Jasamaree


SELF! connects women with the community resources needed to make their re-entry as successful as possible. These include:

Mental Health Counseling

Employment Counseling

Family Therapeutic Services

Clothing Assistance

Financial Budgeting

Food Banks

Housing Support

Education Enrollment/Planning

Technology/computer Training

Children support services